Prism 4-in-1 grater and storage box. Joseph Joseph



Joseph Joseph's Prism 4-in-1 Grater and Storage Box is a handy, box cheese grater that allows you to grate all types of cheese and vegetables with minimal mess. Designed with a stainless steel, pyramid-shaped grater that offers four types of grating blade (coarse, fine, extra fine and star), the grater enables you to grate your food easily whilst collecting it in the container beneath. The container comes equipped with a snap-on lid so you can store the grated food in the fridge for later use. Complete with a soft grip handle and non-slip feet for safe, easy grating. After use, the blade can be flipped over and stored in the container for convenient, space-saving storage. Features: Box grater with storage container and lid. 4 blades (coarse, fine, extra fine and star). Stainless steel. Soft grip handle. Non-slip feet. Suitable for cheese, vegetables, spices and zesting citrus fruits. Dishwasher safe. BPA free. Food safe. Size: Dimensions: 15.5cm x 19cm x 5.5cm. Weight: 300g. Caution: Sharp blades – keep fingers away from blades during use and cleaning. Always store blades inside container when not in use.