Oruga. Camper



Camper ORUGA, Sandals Men, Black , 13 (US), K100470-002 - Main material: Suede with waxy look and rubberized handfeeling Color: black Lightweight. Very flexible. Outsole with vertical cuts: Flexibility Lining: 53 % Fabric (60% Nylon - 40% PU) 45 % Calfskin finished rubberized 2 % Recycled PET - Named after the Spanish word for ‘Caterpillar’ due to their ability to bend and transition, these black and green sandals have cream outsoles for a more contemporary summer look. The uppers are made of waxy-looking suede and feature padded elastic heel straps, making the sandals very easy-fitting. Designed to be casual and easy-to-wear, their outsoles are very lightweight and feature vertical cuts for added flexibility.

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