Easystore toilet butler plus. Joseph Joseph



The Easystore Toilet Butler Plus from Joseph Joseph is a freestanding unit that will keep all your bathroom essentials close to hand. The toilet roll holder includes a Flex Steel toilet brush stored in the base and a dual-purpose shelf constructed with a stainless steel top, handy for placing a phone or book on. A concealed small drawer beneath the shelf is ideal for holding sanitary products discreetly and conveniently. The toilet roll holder features a silicone strip that offers resistance when tearing paper while the weighted base ensures stability. The Flex Steel toilet brush features a unique D-shaped flexible design reaches all areas, including under the rim. Made with durable bristles, the brush is anti-drip: it drips less between cleaning and storing and the wide anti-clog bristles allow for dirt and liquids to be rinsed off easily and comes with a slimline, fingerprint-proof stainless steel holder. Stainless Steel Dimensions: H: 76cm x W: 23.5cm x D: 17.5cm

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