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Cookies policy

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded to the user's device when the latter browses through any website. Later, during any subsequent visits from the same user to the same page, these cookies are sent to the originating website or to any other website that recognizes that cookie.

Next chance assets s.l. on this website uses the following cookies:

Auth token to allow access to the platform. If cookies are disabled, the website will continue to operate notwithstanding that the information collected by these cookies about your use of our web allows you to improve our services and facilitate your navigation].

Google analytics cookies analytical (for tracking and statistical analysis of the behavior of the set of users), personalization (to allow the user to browse the web with some predefined characteristics) and behavioral (for advertising purposes such as the management of the advertising space according to the location of the user or issue of communications based on preferences or behaviors)]. [If cookies are disabled, the website can continue to operate without prejudice to the information collected by these cookies about your use of our web and to improve our services].

You can find the type of cookies that are used in our website as well as the data they collect, their purpose and the proceeding to disable them, in the following table:

Own Cookies Information Purpose Opt-out
Auth-token Control, strictly necessary Identification to acces parts of Buyviu platform Browser sessions
Auth-Third party Cookies Information Purpose Opt-out
Google Analytics Google tool to track views and web traffic stats. It does not store private data Stores identifiers to help track page view times, IP, Type of web, browser, etc Defined by Google System and browser policy


All cookies can be disabled through the browser options:

The specific opt-out tools indicated in the foregoing table (this proceeding may include that a cookie for denial is installed in your device).

Buyviu is not responsible for the content and accuracy of the terms and conditions, the privacy policies and the cookie policies of third parties referred to above.